Light and Interactivity

Light Observation on Tisch 7th Floor

When I first stepped into the 7th floor, the first thing I noticed was their SUPER GLOSSY FLOOR….

Week-? Obeservation

This was took in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The dirt on the large windows adds to the…

Light Fixture Documentation

Sorry my blog here has some problem, I can’t load images into post today please read the documentation…

Week 5 Observation

  It was an afternoon flight from Irkutsk to Moscow, it was flying across time zones, so the…

Week 4 Observation

Week 3 Observation: Light as An Object

This is a light painting work I did earlier this month, with a light stick in a dark…

Week 2: Electronic Candle

Weekly Shot This photo was taken on Feb.11, 2019, when I was doing the assignment below with NeoPixel….